Do you know that Jesus has brought Freedom from “Religion”? The Lord God gave me dreams and visions in order to free me from the religious organization of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and to bring me to Himself. Please read the book, “Jesus Brings Freedom to the Captives”

The Spirit of the Lord God fell upon me and He revealed to me the Light of the world. At the same time, He helped me recognize the greatest trap of all ages which Satan is using in order to mislead, captivate, delay, and, if possible, stop the very elect from walking on the Path called “Jesus”. The name of his trap is “Religion”! The Spirit of the Lord helped me understand that those who are the Church of the True Jesus of the Bible should continue His work of preaching freedom to the captives.

Does God speak to men through dreams and visions today? Is there a difference between having a “Religion” and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? Read this book!

Warning: In this book the Author does not “tickle ears”! The subject is fully supported by the Scriptures and for this reason it is very offensive to “religious” minds!