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Books available to read


Did the "Lamb of God" take away the sin of the world?


Do you know the true biblical gospel of salvation? Are you willing to defend it? Please read the book, “The Gospel of Salvation”


666? What is the name of the “beast”? Who is the symbolic “woman” known as “Babylon the great”? How do you know whether you are “in her” and how can you come “out of her”? These great mysteries, and more, have now been revealed in the book, “The Book of Revelation Decoded!”


Do you know the True Jesus of the Bible who is God by nature? Must one believe that Jesus is God to be saved? Please read the book, “Jesus — God by Nature”


Do you know that Jesus has brought Freedom from “Religion”? The Lord God gave me dreams and visions in order to free me from the religious organization of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and to bring me to Himself. Please read the book, “Jesus Brings Freedom to the Captives”